LETTER: Insufficient Tory talent in Seaford?

We have five vacancies on Seaford Town Council with a by-election scheduled for October 27.

The resignations of three Conservative councillors and two from the Liberal Democrats have forced this expensive exercise in democracy.

Now that the candidate lists have been published it is apparent that not only does the Conservative Party have difficulty keeping their councillors in post, they can’t find sufficient Tory talent in the town to stand for the five vacancies!

Three of their candidates are residents of Newhaven and one lives in Eastbourne.

Whatever links these people have with Seaford, they cannot substitute for them being residents, living among their constituents and participating in the community on a daily basis.

Surely a town the size of Seaford should expect there would be a pool of keen, resourceful residents to stand for the Town Council and not have to draw on people from surrounding areas!

I do hope the turnout for the by-election is high and that people take the time to look at the CVs of the local candidates, especially the new, enthusiastic candidates who have so much to contribute to the Town Council.

Penny Lower

Seaford Town Council [Central]

(SNAP Branch Labour Party)

Sutton Park Road