LETTER: Is this really progress?

Am I missing something?

Charles Horton clearly states that passenger journeys have doubled in 12 years.

Surely this means a very significant increase in revenue. So what is the problem with having a second member of crew on board who takes on important, responsible work?

Making the trains driver only brings a certain unease to all us long suffering passengers, particularly the elderly and the vulnerable.

At present we have a competent, well-trained second member of staff within the train at all times; this is what we will effectively lose at the whim of the management. On the often rowdy evening trains this is especially worrying.

Meanwhile the station ticket offices are open less and less.

The timetable hasn’t changed much on our Eastbourne line, the service offered has.

Progress?? I don’t think so!!

David Bristow

Downsway, Berwick