LETTER: Issues must be addressed

The cancellation of a charity concert scheduled for Friday 18th March at the Seaford Constitutional Club raises important issues which must be addressed by venues, the police, organisers and Seaford residents.

It is quite disgraceful that an event is cancelled due to intimidation by a small, racist group which apparently is no more than a few juvenile thugs and a dog! Were there other reasons to cancel nearer to home?

Why was the decision, by the club management, made so late when the offending message was posted in late February?

The headline band, the Koan Brother, had previously played at the Con Club and provided one of the most successful nights there ever.

They were not advised of the cancellation until the decision had been made and would have provided their own security measures if asked.

They have vowed not to play at the Con Club ever again and have pledged to re-schedule the concert somewhere else as soon as they can.

A huge disappointment for the organisers who were not to blame.

A very worrying and disturbing story which does Seaford no credit.

Penny Lower [Labour Councillor Seaford Central]

Sutton Park Road, Seaford