LETTER: It is frustrating for drivers

RE “Taxi driver’s frustration” page 3, 8/4/16

I sympathise with the drivers’ frustration at motorists who park on the taxi ranks by Morrisons and at the station.

However the rank at the lower end of Broad Street [illustrated in the article] is an entirely different matter.

It is rarely used by waiting taxis at any time of the day. Some residents claim never to have seen a taxi there!

It is very frustrating for drivers who want to make a quick stop at the adjoining shops to see the 4/5 spaces there empty.

I plead guilty to parking there first thing in the morning for papers, milk, etc, rather than risk a single or double line.

I am guessing the shops would agree a short stay limit here would be a good compromise, perhaps with one taxi space.

Don’t start me on taxis parking on the pavement across double lines behind Morrisons!

Penny Lower [Labour Councillor Seaford Central]

Sutton Park Road