LETTER: It really is a two-horse race now

I have always been against ‘tactical’ voting – I always thought you should vote for what you believe in rather than just what you are against but G Green (letters, June 16) may be right.

The election result showed it really is a two-horse race in England between Labour and Conservative and that there is a real age split with the under-40s heavily Labour and the over-60s heavily Conservative.

Under those terms it does make some sense for ‘anti-Tories’ to back Labour as they are the only ones who could get the support to form an alternative government.

This happened in Peacehaven with the election of a Labour MP and the same thing could happen in Lewes if the Lib Dems all voted Labour.

I suspect quite a few tactical voters in Lewes woke up with a bit of a hangover after the election thinking what if? If they had all stuck with Labour then they could be the challengers in Lewes now.

Without tactical voting I reckon it would have been around 13,000 voters each for Lib Dem and Labour. As I said, I am not sure about tactical voting but I suppose if you’re going to do it then you vote either Tory or Labour.

Over to the voters of Lewes whenever the next election comes – whether in 2017, 2018, 2019...

P Hambly Howard

Grange Road, Lewes