LETTER: It’s hardly most Seafordians!

Clearly, Seaford Town Council or Mayor Lindsay Freeman need to re-visit basic maths and English.

This refers to the reporting of the Seaford Seafront Plans. I quote ‘This is a wonderful scheme to improve the seafront in line with the wishes of most Seafordians...’

Hmmm... ‘most’ would suggest a huge consultation so that would be around 70 per cent, so nearly 20,000.

Apparently ‘more than 1,000 attended to give their views’. Let’s up that to 1,200 and using the same calculation of population that would be 0.04 per cent approx... hardly most!

At least with Brexit and the Scottish referendum nobody claimed ‘most’ but ‘more’ correctly whether you agreed with the results or not.

A better statement (if you can ever believe the numbers) would be to say ‘of those who consulted, X per cent were in favour’.

Otherwise, it’s just as useful as the frequent commercials that claim ‘72 per cent of all women out of 134 who were asked voted GFI shampoo the best’. You do the maths...it ain’t most!

Rod Colley

Corsica Hall, Seaford