Letter: It’s just my opinion

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I WOULD like to reply to Valerie Cooke’s letter last week regarding my review of Madama Butterfly at Eastbourne.

I am not a permanent employee of the Sussex Express. I do their theatre reviews in Eastbourne for them and I did attend the same performance, and I did hear the boos.

I naievely thought Andriy Perfilov was being booed because Pinkerton had caused Butterfly’s death, not because of his singing.

I have been reviewing theatre for more than 15 years and I was trained by the Women’s Editor at the Eastbourne Herald and I admit I review more theatre than opera. Reviews are personal opinions of the critic and I thought Andriy Perfilov looked every inch a naval officer and I am old enough to be his mother so it is not a teenage crush!

I thought his acting was better than last year. I agree his singing was not as good as when he sang it last year but I thought the production was well worth a visit.

Some people might not agree with my review of Mogadishu last week which I thought was brilliant. There may be criticisms of my remarks that the constant bad language was essential to the plot – but that is my opinion.

I just guide people to something I think is worth seeing and I apologise to Valerie Cooke if I upset her and her friends. It is always good to have feedback on my reviews.

Amanda Wilkins, Newhaven