LETTER: It was brute force/mob rule

I’ve just returned home from the Katie Hopkins talk, which I was hoping to attend. I saw scenes I would never have credited from some of the so-called ‘demonstrators’.

There were possibly something approaching 200 of them in total, chanting and shouting. The only description for the worst of them is that they are violent, feral thugs, immune to reason, hyped up on slogans/ ideology, probably alcohol too, and very ready to use force/ intimidation/ threats/ verbal insults, and anything else to hand, to deny admittance to the venue.

I found this out first hand, being pushed, pulled, shoved, insulted, threatened. A solid phalanx of jeering hooligans right in my face, blocking my path, threatening violence and injury. It was pure brute force/mob rule.There were a couple of obviously more intelligent/ reasonable types in amongst this scrum, and I tried reasoning with them, saying they were entitled to their views but I wanted to find out for myself, make up my own mind. Complete waste of time. Might as well have talked to a brick wall.

All I got back was slogans like ‘hate speech’, ‘vile woman’, etc. Quite impossible to talk to even these types, let alone the feral thugs surrounding me.

I’m not small (6’2”, 16 stone, ex-rugby) so I managed to force my way through to the door eventually, then get inside. Anybody who couldn’t do this was denied entry by these thugs.

It was like being under siege. The baying mob outside, hammering on the doors, eggs thrown at the windows (and some of us too) then soon after the mob breaking down a side door and streaming in like a pack of wolves. Just indescribable. I was there. I saw it firsthand. And I hope you will take the time to speak to me, and others like me, before you compile your report of the evening.

Lawrence Flowers