LETTER: Keep traditional town event alive

I am disgusted at the comments made by Councillor Imogen Makepeace about proposing to ban the Boxing Day Hunt.

I always wanted to know what a deputy mayor does in their role. Now I know – sprouting your own personal views on a very colourful and well attended tradition.

It brings people from all over Sussex to Lewes and is a big boost for the local economy.

The economy of the town that you represent deputy mayor, is something that you should be concentrating on – not trying to ban a lovely tradition.

Fox hunting, rightly or wrongly, has been banned in this country, deputy mayor. I have seen many, many protesters demonstrating about this and that over the years. It is the protesters who cause a breach of the peace. It is the protesters who put nails and glass under the horses’ hooves. It is the protesters who try to frighten the horses so they throw their riders off the horse. Think of the potential risks there, deputy mayor.

Perhaps for the good of local businesses, the good of the town that you are supposed to represent and to keep a colourful tradition alive, you will stand with me, between the protesters and the hunt to keep the riders from injury and harm.

Then perhaps you should think about resigning as deputy mayor and even as a councillor.

Cllr Peter Charlton

Ouse Valley East