LETTER: Lack of action speaks louder

Notwithstanding the recent press release by our MP, Maria Caulfield, about railways and Norman Baker’s response last week, those whose memories stretch back to last year at this time will remember that Ms Caulfield was saying that she had secured significant money for improvements to the A27.

One had the distinct impression that this was the A27 in East Sussex, most of which is in her constituency. So what’s happening?

My scepticism at the time came from the fact that the highways agency website did not show any planned improvements to the A27 in East Sussex.

West Sussex around Chichester, yes but not anywhere close by.

Of course, coming up to a general election, as we were then, made me cynical too.

Was this just being said to try and secure votes from the East Sussex commuter?

Actions speak louder than words whether it is rail or road.

Lack of action speaks even louder.

Rod Main

Northfield Close