LETTER: Lack of judgement

I was appalled by the lack of judgement shown by the editorial staff of your newspaper in the June 2 issue.

You have allowed a political party to place an advertisement meant to look like the front page of your newspaper (the fact that it is an advertisement in small print).

You are a local independent newspaper and should show a balanced view in political issues.

To make matters worse you then place a mealy mouthed explanation for your actions in a small paragraph at the bottom of page four.

You should know that you have complete discretion over the advertisements placed in your paper and on this occasion have shown a terrible lack of judgement. One is left with the impression that your pretence of political neutrality is a lie and you do indeed support the Conservative Party.

Dr Peter Estcourt

Lewes Road

South Chailey

• Editor’s note: Any political party, or business, can book advertising space on the front page. The wrap was clearly marked as an advertisement. The Express supports no political party.