LETTER: Land girl appeal

It’s a long time ago, but I am trying to find where my mother served in the Second World War as a Land Girl.

Her name was Joyce Olive Foster, becoming Joy Shelley when she married my father Charles (Jack) in 1944. She was from Brighton and up to the wedding she was a Land Girl on a farm in Ripe for a few years when in her mid-20s.

She was a very keen horsewoman and absolutely loved the work, being in Ripe, and the family she stayed with, frequently reminiscing about it – it would, of course, have also been their courting years.

Sadly, both my parents died in Lancashire nearly 40 years ago, so there is a part of my family’s history that meant so much to both our parents that is missing. I realise that any records or information might be gone or with previous generations, but the longer I leave it, the less likely anyone might remember or have any record of anything.

I know it’s a very long shot, but if you can help (or know someone who might) with a piece of the jigsaw please email me on clivegshelley@gmail.com

Clive Shelley