Letter: Last look at estuary

AS spring approaches I would urge your readers to get out and about and enjoy one last look at the beauty of Cuckmere Estuary.

The decision not to maintain the flood defence banks means in all likelihood they will collapse in the next few months. Before very long a landscape that has inspired some of this country’s greatest poets, artists and writers will soon be destroyed.

As the sea rushes in, the meanders and possibly other famous features of the Cuckmere will also disappear.

I was an original member of the Cuckmere project board and it is my personal belief that a lot more could and should have been done to preserve the estuary. If action instead of consultation had been taken ten years ago the outcome for the future of the flood banks may have been very different.

Much of the land surrounding the Cuckmere estuary was given to the nation in perpetuity by generous benefactors. Future generations may well ask what right we had to destroy this iconic landscape.

It is for this reason I have made a trilogy of films to show historians of the future that not everyone was blind or unfeeling about the destruction beautiful estuary. This is not just a landscape. It is part of our national heritage.

The films can be found on You Tube by keying in Cuckmere Elegy, Epitaph and National Tragedy.

Ray Kemp