LETTER: Leaflet given a very low profile

A leaflet that has been distributed by Wealden District Council to inform residents of the forthcoming consultations regarding the planning of housing expansions in Wealden – to take place over the next 20 years (incidentally why such a long period, so much change can occur to invalidate such projections) was delivered tucked into a wad of junk mail which, having spoken to my neighbours and friends, like much of the same, was thrown straight into the bin.

Surely, such an important subject that could affect the lives of so many could have been sent out separately. If the details of waste collections can be sent under a separate cover, surely something so important could have been afforded the same consideration.

It almost seems that this consultation is begrudgingly being undertaken, for information about the plan is very difficult to find. The website registration etc. being very complicated. We know that local authorities are instructed to comply with government policy, however it should not be at the expense of those they represent. Public opinion in Hailsham is that 9,000 new houses is far too many, especially with the expansion that has already taken place over recent years. And certainly with the infrastructure of sewerage, water, having reached their limit plus doctors’ surgeries and schools having to close their lists for new applicants; not to speak of the traffic congestion that is a nightmare at certain times of day.

I personally feel that Wealden District Council officers and councillors are ill serving us in this respect. They may imply that everything is at the consultation stage; going by past experience not a great deal of notice is taken of public opinion in these matters.

John W Pilgrim,

Mountain Ash Close