LETTER: Let’s get the decision right

That’s it then – 23 June for the Referendum, the most important decision we make for a generation.

So let’s be clear about what’s happened and get that decision right.

First, good on you Dave – at last you’ve taken the rest of Europe seriously.

They liked that and when you negotiated – seriously, without insulting them – they agreed a deal that you and they could take back home.

Nobody got everything they wanted, of course, but you’ve understood now that’s the way Europe works.

Negotiate, compromise, agree, move on.

And that deal, too, proved that Europe can work together to reform itself.

From now in, whether we plumped last time round for Tory, Labour, Green, or Lib Dem we don’t have to risk our party loyalty to defend what really matters to us – jobs, prosperity, our security, coping with climate change, spreading our influence in a wider world.

Here is our real sovereignty. Working with, not against the others, still fighting our corner, not quitting, giving all we’ve got to work for the country’s prosperity, security, success.

In friendless isolation how do we prosper; in the crises we all face is this the time to take a punt into the dark?

So come out from under that pesky hairdryer, Maria, and join the rest of us as we fight together for the common good, our national interests, a positive global sanity.

Why on earth would anyone do anything else?

Michael Rider

Craigmyle North Chailey, Lewes