LETTER: Let’s have more

Good, let’s have more of this sound common sense – yet another elder statesman lamblasts government policy over Brexit.

This time it’s John Major’s own party in the firing line too: ‘unreal and over-optimistic’ ‘naïve’ ‘disregard for the 48%’. Many more of us now are growing tired of generalities, vague and weary mantras of wishful thinking and sunny uplands, and where’s the hard evidence? We need another story.

Some real facts – ‘the voice of the people’ was actually 37 per cent of those eligible to vote; the pound has fallen 17 per cent merely on the prospect of our leaving the EU; our Minister for Brexit admits that once out of the EU we shall be poorer as a nation, that we’ll still have to take in as many foreign workers to keep the country going, that we may well not get that all-important favourable deal with the EU.

So Remainers and Leavers alike, those of us looking for a prosperous, undivided, secure, forward looking UK, at ease in its corner of the planet, are rethinking the pain and the gain. All those in sum who want a UK that continues to lead in its region, who no doubt by now are the majority.

We’ve long ago ‘accepted’, like the date of the battle of Hastings, the outcome of the referendum – but only now are the implications becoming clearer. The government would have us believe the Brexit trigger means it’s done and dusted. Not so, we remain EU members until Parliament decides otherwise on the basis of the eventual negotiation deal. Brexit is still to come, and after honest debate over the implications of so important a decision, we the people should individually give our assent or otherwise to the break. Nothing less for indisputable democratic legitimacy.

Michael Rider

Craigmyle, North Chailey