LETTER: Let’s leave the sour grapes behind

The calls for Maria Caulfield to resign because she does not represent the slight majority view of the voters in Lewes constituency are misplaced.

The referendum was a call for individuals to vote on whether to leave or remain in the EU and the view of the majority of individual voters nationwide is now known.

Our MP does represent the views of the majority of the Lewes electorate in general, as evidenced by the last General Election result. It is time to leave behind all the ludicrous claims made by both sides during the campaign, accept the will of the majority, and co-operate to make the UK successful in its new situation.

The sanctimonious tirade by Councillor Peter Gardner, incidentally whose Party views have been so comprehensively rejected both locally and nationally, are unhelpful to say the least.

Similarly, Mr Manek Dubash’s claim that those that did not vote were effectively voting for the status quo is just as illogical as the opposite claim which would mean that only about 32 per cent of the population wanted to remain in the EU.

Let us hope that when our current set of politicians have sorted themselves out, we can leave behind the sour grapes, and pull together to make our regained independence work for the UK.

Robin Hanbury

Heath Farm

Plumpton Green