LETTER: Let’s make a Remain alliance

The Richmond by-election was a stunning victory for the Lib Dems, but there was a more important dimension to the anti-Brexit uprising.

It showed that the growing remain and soft Brexit constituency has not accepted the result of a mendacious plebiscite. It will certainly never accept, that a cabal of extremists may concoct whatever dangerous answers to a thousand questions they wish, from a fraudulently obtained answer to one.

Hard Brexit zealots, like our own nominally Conservative MP Maria Caulfield, will rightly feel a cold wind blowing their way. It isn’t the mere numbers; it is the fact that moderate Conservatives, Greens and Liberals, were able to form a cross party coalition against Goldsmith, no matter what else they disagreed about.

For some time now, polls and surveys have been showing a new political landscape emerging. In the new politics, people are not left and right they Leave or Remain. Such broad categories are fraught with contradictions of course. I am a true “Conservative”, I support nuclear deterrent civilised capitalism and admire George Osborne’s fiscal responsibility. I have little in common with my new ally Caroline Lucas, and yet her co-operation in Richmond was inspirational. Fortunately my new friends and I don’t have to sing Kumbaya together to resist what we all know to be a catastrophe for the country we love.

Lewes has a proud record of objection to an over mighty state and once again we must unite against the threat to jobs services and the soul of the nation. Richmond has shown it can be done, I for one would like to help.

Can we put together a Remain alliance to save the country from the wreckers? Why should Lewes not lead the way to a better future than the nasty impoverished isolation they have planned for us?

We can make a difference and at this historic turning point we must!

Paul Newman

Firle Crescent, Lewes