LETTER: Look on this as a challenge

My heart goes out to Denise Savage in Seaford, who is pulling her reading group of the ESCC Library Service.

I too am part of a group which has been running for 15 years now, and the changes have had a big impact on us – not least the closure of Ringmer Library. However, we are getting to grips with the new automated system of ordering books – with some technological help it is possible to master the art and move on.

As far as finance is concerned, each of our 11 members has contributed £5 for a float – and we draw on this to pay charges to the library. When we can see the bottom of our money-box, we shall ask for another fiver – and I suspect the cost will be not far off the £60 a year we paid previously.

Being able to pick up the requisite number of books from the library does constitute a huge advantage to any group, so Denise Savage, be encouraged – and look on this as a challenge.

I am sure your group is important to you for all sorts of reasons – and it is an opportunity to make new friends, and enjoy the company of old ones.

What more can I say?

Diane Meadows

CARAB (Come And Read A Book)

Ballard Drive