LETTER: Looks excellent value to me

Cllr Latham, letters 11 March, wants facts in the Referendum debate, and I’m with him on that.

Everybody is saying it, and it’s true – this will be the most important vote we’ll face for a long time.

So let’s have facts that are clear – and balanced. Seaford, Lewes, Sussex and the rest of us in the UK pay together a national EU sub every year of £8.5bn.

And if that sounds a lot of money, well it is, though it covers 65 million of us and our NHS costs us all 25 times as much.

But let’s be clear about what we’re paying for, what we get from it, and then together on 23 June we’ve got the information we need to decide if we stay in or quit.

So here’s another crucial fact to add to Cllr Latham’s.

The Confederation of British Industry tells us that the net benefit we get from our membership fee is eight times our sub, some £70bn. So more jobs, more trade, more tax for the government to spend on our hard pressed public services.

Looks excellent value to me.

If we leave the EU club we put at risk that prosperity, our employment record, the support for our essential public services.

So where is the sense in quitting?

OK, so Europe has its problems right now, but with our partners we should be in there working to solve them, not walking away.

In off-shore isolation the UK would send out the message to the world that we’ve given up.

Unworthy of Seaford, of Lewes, of Sussex, of us all.

Michael Rider

North Chailey