Letter: Ludicrous, biased left-wing rant

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WHAT a ludicrous, biased, left-wing rant by Derek McMillan of Horsham about Margaret Thatcher in your correspondence column last week. I notice that Mr McMillan did not declare his political interest (although this was very clear in his diatribe) and I am surprised that he did not include other left-wing claims about Mrs T – such as that she ate babies and little children at breakfast.

Perhaps Mr McMillan could continue his neutral examination of ex-premiers by looking at the record of St ‘Bambi’ Blair after leaving office. At least Mrs Thatcher didn’t exploit her high office to make as much money as she could for herself while pretending to be God’s representative on this earth as the discredited Blair has done.

But then, one does not look for even-handedness from lefties like Mr McMillan. Pity.

Roy Harris, Uckfield