Letter: Many dismayed by this take-over

Like many people in Lewes I am dismayed and astonished at the proposed takeover by Lewes Town Council of the excellent Lewes Cinema Ltd enterprise. This seems to be happening without any consultation with the people whom the Town Council purports to represent.

If they did so I think they would find that there is strong support for the existing company who provide a friendly welcoming service with an excellent range of current films. It is also wonderful to be able to get live screenings of plays and opera right here in Lewes.

Their range of films is broad and they are brave enough to put on the occasional film which may not be vastly popular but is an important one to show. They often have a full house and the current season is going particularly well. Could it be that this is why Lewes Town Council now wants to take over the successful result of years of hard work by a small company?

We could end up with a diet of popcorn and rubbish blockbusters if we don’t insist on a fair debate about the merits of this fine contribution to the cultural life of Lewes.

Linda Lamont, Lewes