LETTER: Mealy-mouthed apology

Re: Full Page Advertisement for Network Rail and Govia Thameslink

How wonderful for these companies to offer apologies for their dreadful services which have cost our communities thousands (if not millions) of pounds in lost revenue. However, there is no mention of the main railway provider in this area and that is Southern Rail.

Govia have managed to destroy Southern since they took it over.

Within the first couple of weeks they removed all catering facilities on Sussex to London Trains, provided three carriage ex-north London trains without any toilet facilities on various parts of the network and then think that it is a good idea to send four carriage trains up to London instead of 12 carriage trains at the height of the tourist season.

That is when the trains do run at all, which is what can only be described as a lottery.

Network Rail have a lot to answer for as well, and why on earth the trains and track services were ever devolved into separate companies, beggars belief.

Probably to make more money for the fat cats who have made themselves very rich on the backs of the poor suffering travelling public.

It all very well for these faceless bureaucrats to offer us mealy-mouthed apologies, when they sit in their Thameslink first class compartments whilst the rest of the cattle (sorry, passengers) have to travel like sardines.

I wonder if there will ever be a day when we ever have reliable train services? It is quite embarrassing to talk to our foreign visitors who simply cannot understand that the country which invented the railway system could have created something so catastrophically wrong.

French, Dutch, German, Belgian and Italian services have working trains and track together and the fares are a fraction of what they are here.

Diana Hitchin

Wilkinson Way