LETTER: Months of planning for events will be for nothing

To Cllr Andy Smith; CC Sussex Express

Dear Andy,

Following our telephone conversation, I’d like to confirm the problems discussed:

The flood alleviation works along West Quay were begun earlier this year and we (the Town Council) were assured by the contractor involved, that they would be completed in time for the first of the events that are organised for Huggett’s Green.

The Fish Festival is planned for early in June and the SCDA having been assured of the area being ready, have organised everything for the day.

This will be closely followed by the Lifeboat Fete and (new for this year) the Raft Race and Regatta event.

NTC and SCDA have now been told that instead of being turfed (as originally assured), the area is now to be seeded and will not be ready for the events we have planned.

This is a situation which is totally unacceptable and will mean that many months of planning will be for nothing and events that so many enjoy, will have to be cancelled.

We are already extremely unhappy that the green itself was utilised for the flood defence works, rather than continuing the river wall as is the case for the vast majority of the remainder of the river.

I know that Sally Foote of SCDA has been trying to liaise with Andy Frost over this issue, but his current leave is causing a hiatus in the proceedings and Chris Bibb appears not to have the authority to insist on the turfing, which will ensure the area is ready in time. The urgency of the situation appears to have not been given the credence it deserves and I respectfully ask that you step in and help to resolve the issue.

Cllr. Steve Saunders

Mayor of Newhaven