Letter: More refuse lorries

Veolia wants to alter Condition 28 in their planning permit because their disposal operation relies on storing waste for three days.

Sometimes a combination of bank holidays and public holidays results in no deliveries of waste for three or four days and, apparently, they can’t manage that situation.

Waste collection authorities skilfully co-ordinate collection dates, times and round durations so that the vehicles can be emptied at the designated discharge site on the same day. They can manage with things the way they are.

Veolia must acquire the skill to manage their disposal operations under the Conditions of their operating permit. Moreover, if the proposed East Sussex Joint Waste Procurement Project relieves the Waste Collection Authorities of their present role, then whoever takes over the role must acquire the necessary skills.

Extra lorries on the roads on public and bank holidays will be detrimental to the welfare of the neighbourhood.

The county council must keep faith with its electorate and deny Veolia’s request.

Sylvia Gray, Seaford