LETTER: My heart sank

Although I have a long-standing interest in politics, I confess my heart sank when it was announced that there would be a general election in June.

How on earth are we supposed to get through the next seven weeks?

Nonetheless, it’s here and we have to get on with it. In that case I sincerely hope that it will be about a lot more than Brexit, Brexit, Brexit.

While as an unrepentant “Remoaner” I welcome the opportunity to argue the case for the best deal available, there are other major issues which deserve as much if not more attention. So I hope we will have the chance to examine closely the various parties’ policies on health, education, housing, local government finances, the environment, and above all the growing inequalities we see all around us, both in this country and world-wide.

For example, the so-called ‘gig’ economy which treats employees as self-employed and enables employers to avoid responsibility for sick pay, paid holidays and other entitlements which we have fought for over the last hundred years is a disgrace in a civilised society. And this is to say nothing about increasing tension in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and East Asia, the growing militarisation of international relations, and in the background the threat of a catastrophic nuclear war.

Yes, there is a great deal to discuss at a time when the challenges we face are as great as at any period in our recent history.

Ralph Grillo

Bradford Road, Lewes