LETTER: Need to limit fireworks use

I don’t know if you are aware of my campaign to reduce the dates that fireworks can be used?

We are primarily on social media with both a Facebook page and a web page.

Earlier this year we were successful in having our petition based around animals and their fear of fireworks debated in Parliament. Although it was a very successful debate, we were a little disappointed with the lack of discussion based around the effects that fireworks have on people.

We are campaigning as we feel that allowing firework use 365 days a year, from 7am until 11pm, (later on the traditional dates) is affecting not only animals but people too.

During our campaign last year we became aware of more and more people with illnesses made worse by the random use of fireworks. On the traditional dates people expect to hear and see them and are able to put counter measures in place for the time they are expected to be used.

The problem with fireworks at other times of the year is that by their very nature they are an explosive random noise that no one expects and the consequences are far reaching and devastating for many.

The child woken, frightened or unable to sleep, the elderly who are transported in a flash back to the Second World War, returning military personnel who have served their country and are now coping and living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

PTSD is not just a condition that affects military, anyone who has had a traumatic event in their life can suffer from it.

Of course, we are still highlighting the plight of animals. Those owners who have pets stressed by fireworks have their lives controlled during the winter months as they feel unable to leave the house – just in case. This year already, we have had a report of a young foal having to be destroyed as it had bolted and injured itself when fireworks were used near its field.

As the winter continues we believe as with last year there will be many more cases of animals losing their lives. Many dogs bolt and run for their lives – who after all would expect a firework in daylight hours in August? Many of these dogs return home but a great number are never found – check some of the missing pet pages and you will find posts – spooked by fireworks.

Julie Doorne

Founder of FAB campaign

Bramble Cottage