LETTER: Network Rail’s guessing game

I would like to thank Network Rail for the interesting game they have kindly devised at Eastbourne Station, to keep all their customers entertained over the festive period.

I believe it is called ‘guess the destination of your train’. It involves posting misleading destinations and departure times on the platform signs which bear no relation to reality and then advising their customers to listen for announcements or ask the station staff for updates.

Other participants in the game are the poor station staff who have to walk around with strained expressions on their faces and studiously avoid the customers as they are presumably so traumatised from the lack of information given to them that they cannot supply any accurate information at all.

The drivers who arrive at the station looking forward to their coffee and sandwiches also participate by guessing which train they will take out next and where they will be driving it to.

To add to the fun, sometimes the train will be announced only to depart from a different platform (after the customers have hurried to the front of the platform originally announced) causing them to run back to yet another platform and board a train which was not marked with their destination at all.

Presumably this part of the game was devised to help us to lose any weight we have gained over Christmas.

I suspect the games master is sittting comfortably in an office somewhere with a nice cappuccino and a bacon sandwich.

Although during this game I have missed a train which was going to my destination because it was marked up to leave later then it did and witnessed a fellow passenger suddenly realise that he was on the Brighton train which had already been announced (on the train) to be heading for Gatwick. I did manage to guess my destination correctly a couple of times. Needless to say, I am still waiting for my prize.

M Marshall

Victoria Road