LETTER: No apology from MP

Contrary to what Maria Caulfield told your newspaper, I have not yet received an apology for the ‘new voter’ leaflet she sent last week to my late wife, who died two years ago.

That is, unless she counts telling your newspaper as her apology to me!

In her reply to you Maria Caulfield says she is ‘using the information provided by the local authority as to people who are new on the electoral register’.

No, Ms Caulfield, you are not, so don’t say you are. My wife hasn’t been on the electoral roll for two years, and was an only ‘new on the electoral register’ when we moved from Laughton to here 14 years ago.

What I find particularly unpleasant in Maria Caulfield’s response is that the Conservatives haven’t even asked for a copy of the latest 2016 electoral roll to find out who actually is new on the register. (I know they haven’t. I checked with LDC officers.) The Conservatives want you to blame LDC officers for their own lazy error.

So, exactly as I feared, because they are using out–of-date information, similar unfortunate leaflets to the one they sent my late wife may well have been sent by the Conservatives to widows and widowers. Why not acknowledge your mistake, Ms Caulfield – I can accept that, along with the apology when you bother to make it – and don’t blame our excellent and hard-pressed LDC officers who run our elections scrupulously, and keep their records up-to-date.

Dr. Peter Gardiner

Lewes Road,Ringmer