LETTER: No favours

I fear that the embittered rant by former Lewes MP Norman Baker [Express, May 12] will do no favours for his would-be Lib Dem successor Kelly-Marie Blundell.

No Lewes Labour or Green voters rejoiced in his defeat as he suggested, but we simply could not bring ourselves to vote for his Tory-led Government and its destructive austerity policies.

If Norman Baker had remained on the back benches, he would remain our MP happily trotting out his pompous opinions and weird conspiracy theories.

Sadly Norman’s downfall was entirely self inflicted when he became a Tory mouthpiece in his ministerial role.

In these divisive times, tactical voting may be back on the agenda.

However, if she wants to be elected as our MP, Kelly-Marie would be wise to reach out to Labour and Green voters rather than insult them and their parties.

Sid Hilton

Leicester Road, Lewes