LETTER: No reply from my MP

You published, on July 8th, a letter I sent to our Lewes MP, Maria Caulfield.

Your readers may recall I asked her to state her current position on two major claims made by the Leave campaign, which she supported in the EU referendum.

Specifically I asked about the ‘£350m per week extra to the NHS’ claim and the claim about ending free movement of people.

Many prominent campaigners seem to have withdrawn very quickly from these claims and I simply asked if she had.

In the three weeks since I wrote to her I have received no reply, so it seems that either Ms Caulfield does not know her current position or she does not wish to say. Perhaps she thinks that what she said a few weeks ago doesn’t matter any more.

I have drawn my own conclusions and no doubt your readers will do likewise.

Hugh Redgewell

High Street