LETTER: Not a dispute

There has not been a long-standing dispute over an “ancient” bridleway at the racecourse.

The bridleway was originally a private track and was used for the Lewes trainers to bring racehorses up to the racecourse.

The bridleway was designated in 1954. It has not been restricted. The photograph of the sign shown in the story has been there at least ten years with no problems. The sign was actually covered up when the photograph was taken, but they chose to uncover it. There were official signs at the top of the post which the photographer chose to ignore. No signs whatsoever have been mutilated.

The original bridleway is still in position with original signs, no obstructions, and it was diverted for two days whilst pesticide was used (which may have been dangerous to dogs). The alternative proposed route has better views, now on either side, and a better surface. By far, the majority of walkers and cyclists much prefer this route. The old bridleway had a fence on either side and was much less than three metres in width. The views were restricted by the fencing either side.

By replacing the fencing it gives a wider more park like scenario. The proposed deviation has a more safe, useable surface, unlike the old one which was not suitable for cyclist and walkers. The views will be improved for everyone.

The residents are as important as the occasional walkers (some of whom leave rubbish behind for residents to pick up).

Some think the residents are wealthy, but the landowners get no financial help with the upkeep. It is not unreasonable for the landowner to apply to the authorities move the bridleway approx. 25’ away from the houses, especially when sometimes late at nights there is a considerable disturbance, with noise and disruption playing music and drinking (leaving bottles behind)etc, etc.....

Ann ffitch-Heyes

Old Lewes Racecourse