LETTER: Not a lot of joined up thinking

I notice that the Lewes councils have again arranged for free parking in Lewes on the three Saturdays up to Christmas.

A nice gesture but a bit self-defeating if it is supposed to attract customers to the town to shop.

Most of the free short-term spaces will be taken by locals who live in the town centre and the owners and staff working in the local shops as there is now no need for them to use the all-day car parks further away from their premises.

A better idea to make a good use of the LDC’s and LTC’s generosity would be to collect the fees as usual but donate the takings to a fund to buy Christmas lights for the town.

Apart from the two Christmas trees, and odd efforts from some shops, there is not much of a Christmassy feel in Lewes at this time of year. All a bit of a disgrace when one considers that Lewes is the county town of Sussex.

If those who are looking to promote Lewes and attract visitors to shop were to visit Uckfield, who have their usual excellent festive street decorations, they would see what is possible.

I am afraid at present there is not a lot of joined up thinking by those in charge of promoting Lewes as a shopping centre.

John Beck

Mill Road, Lewes