LETTER: Not caused by climate change

Ever since the Al Gore film and book “an inconvenient truth” on the subject of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) in 2006 I have read as many publications as possible by believers and sceptics including believer Prof Bill McGuire’s Seven Years To Save The Planet in 2008 which includes advice to young couples about to get married “have a green wedding and think before you start a family”and believer the late Prof Bob Carter’s Climate the Counter Consensus.

I became a sceptic after Al Gore’s contribution and nothing has changed.

So on the 26th of this month [January] I received my pre-ordered Ladybird Expert Book Climate Change by HRH The Prince of Wales, Tony Juniper and Emily Shuckburgh priced £7.99, a brief check revealed little relevant qualifications that could suggest expertise in the subject.

The whole subject including solutions is covered in just 22 pages of text each with an artist illustration that is only there because that’s what Ladybird books do.

Unfortunately the subject page ‘Heatwaves, droughts, floods and storms’ is accompanied by a flood illustration showing Uckfield Pharmacy which was not caused by climate change.

It also appears that we are heading for a 100 per cent renewable energy system coupled with nuclear power although no renewable systems can be relied upon to supply power when required and all require subsidies paid for by the public and businesses.

Coincidently this weekend we were told that contracts were being placed by the National Grid for coal fired power stations to provide back-up, this in addition to other generating plants all using fossil fuels including diesel. I expect it will be made compulsory reading for all MPs of all parties.

For the extremist believers who want to ”keep oil in the ground” would have do without many necessities of life including their smart phones and ipads.

Brian Beck

Highdown Rd, Lewes