LETTER: Not ‘enhanced’

RE: Bell Walk car park tree felling

Thank you for featuring this occurrence. We were shocked to see that so many trees had been removed but are still at a loss to understand why it was


The plane trees provided a breath of fresh air in this tarmaced industrialised dip in the centre of Uckfield.

The shade in the car park was much appreciated as was the sheer beauty of the trees at all times of year.

There was no excessive lifting of the surface – the trees had many years of pleasure to give before their size and roots became an issue. Money would have been better spent dealing with the dips (mainly where the paths are!) which take a while to drain in very heavy rain.

I cannot see where the 80 relined car park bays are – was this a mis-print or does it perhaps refer to a different car park?

Why have healthy trees been cut down only to have replacements ‘installed’ within the next few days? Where will they be installed? Not into the stumps of those cut down, surely.

Unless they are synthetic ‘installations’?

As car parks go this was a pretty one but now it is as ugly as any other and, as it stands at the moment, has definitely not been ‘enhanced’.

Looking forward with some trepidation to see what follows and hoping that you will continue to follow this story.

Andrea Weller