LETTER: Now they blame district council

Why do the Newick ex-councillors who wrote the Neighbourhood Plan now blame Lewes District Council for not giving them the correct numbers to work to?

I have sat through meeting after a meeting with various LDC representatives – experienced Planning Officers – trying politely to steer the then Parish Councillors towards some realistic figures and having their efforts brushed aside. Needless to say, tone of discussions and ‘a dismissive wave of the hand’ do not feature in the published Minutes.

The ex-councillors claim their plan has been over-ruled, but in reality it has no limit to numbers, no reserve sites and struggling badly to deliver any at all. They did originally want a cap – or better still none at all – but that was never an option and ultimately no cap is what they agreed to.

It seems in their eyes that the DCLG have got it all wrong, the Plan Examiner did too... and now it is all Lewes District’s Council’s fault.

On balance, I feel that is unlikely.

Seona Lightfoot

Mitchelswood Farm,

Allington Road,