LETTER: Oh dear – I’m a rank outsider!

I can certainly sympathise with G Green who cannot afford to live in Seaford. We do desperately need more genuinely affordable homes here and I argue for this whenever new developments are proposed.

I am pursuing still the disgrace of McCarthy & Stone not fulfilling their obligation to provide such housing when they built Eversley Court.

G Green does have excellent credentials for being a town councillor. Having said that I must remind people that the attendance record of our last non-resident councillor was abysmal. I also believe that it is worth voters looking at our new councillors’ commitments to the various committees and to being representatives on other linked organisations. Check out where they live! Details on the STC website.

On G Green’s other point, I cannot agree that family history should be part of the selection criteria! It is surely an archaic fallacy that newcomers can’t have the same commitment to and love for a town. Indeed they may bring fresh ideas and see opportunities long overlooked. For the record my husband was born here and his family, as you’ll appreciate from the local name, Lower, have been residents in the area for generations. I come from Lewes originally – oh dear a rank outsider.

Penny Lower

Seaford Town Councillor

Sutton Park Road