LETTER: Old Parties have failed the nation

Penny Lower, Labour Councillor, Seaford, would like a debate based on facts. Well here you are Cllr Lower. According to HRMC, we have to give the EU £100 billion in the next five years.

Yes, we will get some of our money back but with conditions. We have to spend our refund, our money, on what the EU tells us to spend it on. As a county councillor on adult social care and children’s services, I know where I would like the whole £100 billion to go. We cannot even look after our own elderly and our looked after children because of the savage cuts imposed on us by the failings of all the old parties and their ineptitude to govern a once proud nation – a nation that has stood for over a thousand years to stand against oppression, tyranny and dictatorship.

A nation that all you old failed parties have systematically lied to the people, a nation that our grandfathers, grandmothers, father and mothers, daughters and sons have died and have shed blood, just so the failed politicians that have no faith in the British people, nor in this great country of ours, can posture and take our money for what. Fact.

The CBI, who only support big business supported the exchange rate mechanism (interest rates at 15 per cent). The CBI supported joining the Euro saying it would be catastrophic and damaging if we didn’t. Ask Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal. The CBI have been forced to admit that the economy and employment will continue to grow after leaving. We are not leaving the EU, we are leaving a political union run by unelected bureaucrats.

We do not want a trade deal like Norway or Switzerland, we want and can negotiate our own trade deal.

Project fear says three million jobs depend on being in the EU. Leaving the EU, we will have millions of more jobs by being able to negotiate trade deals all over the world as well as the EU.

I can give so many more facts but I will save that for the project fear group and those people and politicians who do not believe in Britain and its people and have not even read one treaty.

Peter Charlton UKIP

Councillor Ouse Valley, ESCC, Crossways