LETTER: One-sided view

In her Opinion Piece, MP Nus Ghani complains about the intransigence of the rail unions [Express xx].

This is hopelessly one-sided as she completely fails to mention the corresponding intransigence of GTR Southern and its Govenment paymasters who are insisting on driving through major changes in working practices without agreement. In particular, the company is determined to acquire the right to run trains without a second person on board in “exceptional circumstances”.

Obviously the unions see this as the thin edge of a wedge that threatens terms, conditions and ultimately jobs. Nor does it make sense to the travelling public who also clearly want a second person on board.

Instead, Southern should be manning, training and rostering to ensure there’s always a second person available. This is surely not rocket science, even for a company like Southern, unless of course the real agenda is to drive down costs.

Kevin Froude

Swallow Cottage, Offham