LETTER: Optimistic? I can’t see it myself

Rita Ellis tells us that the silent majority share her optimistic view of Santon’s plans for the North Street development (Letters, November 20).

Can’t see it, myself. The Plain People of Lewes are not over-fond of the Down From Londons or Over From Brightons, and the Santon plan seems specifically designed for the benefit of these exotic incomers. This being the last major housing development within the town, where can young Lewesians hope to live?

Ros Brewer, on the other hand, is disappointed that the recent LPR exhibition lacked detail. Surely this was inevitable? It was done at short notice, funded by local supporters and designed to answer specific points raised by the SDNPA.

Santon’s plan has cost a fortune, has been worked on for three years, and yet leaves some fundamental problems – particularly those relating to drainage and energy supply – worryingly unresolved.

Jon Gunson

Ham Lane