Letter: Our objections misconstrued

I AM disturbed to read the inaccurate reporting of the proposed JPK development in the Old Town, Eastbourne, of the Edgmond Church contained in the Hailsham and Eastbourne edition of the Sussex Express under the Parish Pump item referring to ‘Willingdon,Wannock and Jevington’ and the apparent vilification of those of us not living in ‘Willingdon, Wannock and Jevington’, who have dared to show our concerns over the effect that the proposed development will have on our property in Old Town.

I have now been asked to make clear that we the residents at no time opposed the proposal based on the occupancy by disadvantaged persons. At the protest meeting attended by 53 local residents we repeatedly made this clear to the project co-ordinator, Mrs Jill Parker, who was also present and find that the suggestion that we did otherwise offensive and untrue. Whoever subsequently conveyed this falsehood to the Parish Pump writer should be ashamed of themselves.

Our opposition was and remains the overdevelopment of the site which will change the residential nature of the area which we value; the loss of parking to residents during construction and afterwards by visitors to the project which will include a bakery and shop, and we fear for the value of our homes. (One of our number has lost the sale of their home as a direct result of this proposed development.) We also have issues relating to building lines, height of the proposal, and also to the plans which appear to abut two semi detached houses preventing any redecoration by their owners, and also the dangers implicit to any disadvantaged people by its position on the main Eastbourne-Brighton Road.

We have been saddened that some have even suggested that if not “their proposal”, a block of flats, council houses or Tesco’s would be the result. If you did not think we would check, you insult our intelligence.

The proposed development occupies the site of the 18th Century Customs House and as a historical site will require an archaeological investigation and depending on its findings, perhaps a full archaeological dig, the cost of which will have to be borne by the developers.

Michael Loxley Harding, Eastbourne