LETTER: Overgrown churchyard

I today travelled from Canterbury to Glynde to care for and place flowers on family graves.

I was distressed and angry to find that the churchyard is virtually impassable with it being completely overgrown.

This is a disgrace and an insult to families with relatives buried there. I did what I could with limited resources to ensure the family graves were made respectable and looked cared for, but in all other areas you can only see the tops of headstones with the occasional colourful oasis.

I then travelled to Ringmer to deal with other family graves, where a much larger area had been kept presentable and cared for.

Who is responsible for maintaining Glynde churchyard and why has it been allowed to be so neglected? What are the local church council doing and why does the local celebrity vicar permit such an eyesore?

B Higham

Rowan Close, Sturry,