LETTER: Park Road and Grove Hill junction

I wish to bring to your urgent attention a matter which concerns the safety of a large number of residents, visitors, bus companies, hospital staff and anyone either driving or walking or cycling in the area of the above junction!

Some years ago I pointed out that the design of this junction was inadequate for the amount of traffic it takes. Nobody would listen at the time – least of all the developer Persimmon Homes/ Charles Church!

However, since the developer has left the site without the roads being adopted, a number of problems have arisen including the following one: The footway down The Drive is shared with a Cycle Route which continues along Park Road.

Due to the cut away into the footway to allow for large delivery vehicles, etc, to transverse from Grove Hill up The Drive during construction, this made this cycle route a bit hazardous especially with the numerous children walking to and from school with mothers with pushchairs, meeting pedestrian dog walkers, and cyclists of all ages.

The narrowness of the shared footway and cycle route is dangerous especially as many drivers of cars driving into The Drive to attend the Bunny Run nursery, or the Hellingly Hospital actually cut across the junction on the wrong side of the ghost island almost coming up the kerb! In turn this so called ‘lay-by’ is not the correct specification for a lay-by.

We saw one near miss recently when a car came into The Drive from Grove Hill and a large delivery van was belting along on the wrong side to avoid it.

I want to see something done about this hazard as soon as possible and would argue with the Safety Officer saying he could see nothing wrong as I have had so much experience over 30 years I am confident about this matter!

Linda Wilson MCIHT

Goldring Avenue