LETTER: Parking still a nightmare

HAVING lived in Southover for the past 20 years (ten of those as a car owner) I’d always had my suspicions that the current parking situation in Lewes was problematic, to put it mildly.

Since moving out of the town, however, I have discovered quite how difficult parking in Lewes really is.

Visiting family who live and work in the centre of town during the day, including of course on Saturdays, is nigh-on impossible. One seems to have to have a purse full of change at all times, just in case of flying visits or the need to do quick chores in the town centre.

Furthermore, parking arrangements are so complicated in the town’s car parks, with different areas under differing designations, all car parks charging different rates, and all having different conditions, that I was recently given a parking ticket despite – I thought – having paid for a valid ticket.

After just two months of grappling with a regime that seems to have been expressly set up in order to catch out motorists and create situations in which the council can issue parking tickets, I have reached the end of my tether.

From now on, I won’t be doing any of my shopping in Lewes at all and will be heading instead to Uckfield which has a number of free car parks.

Other items can – and will – be bought online. I can only assume that I am not the only person to have become so exasperated with parking in Lewes that they have abandoned the town entirely, and can well imagine the impact the current regime is having on local businesses.

I would ask the county council to review the parking arrangements in the town.

Machines that charge at the end of a visit rather than being pre-paid, and that give change would be an excellent start, as would having the same conditions for all spaces in all car parks in order to drastically simplify the system.

This would at least have the effect of not making motorists visiting the town feel manifestly unwelcome.

Cllr Donna Edmunds, Lewes