LETTER: People are positive about proposals

I am writing in response to LDC Councillor Joanna Carter’s letter published by your newspaper (November 27).

In this letter she states that she did not say she was motivated to become a councillor in the order to support Phoenix Rising.

I had said in a letter to your paper published on November 20 that she had said just that at the Phoenix Rising meeting chaired by David Dimbleby, (September 15) a meeting that I had attended.

Here is a transcript taken from the film of that meeting available on YouTube. Councillor Carter is speaking from the floor:

‘I am Joanna Carter. I am a district councillor for the Green party, but the reason I stood as a district councillor, what actually motivated me was coming back to Lewes a few years ago and seeing everything down on the Phoenix estate and how lively it was and then realising it was under threat and that LDC owned 40 per cent of it and I thought the best thing to do was to try and get on to the Council and stop that from being destroyed.’

I would never claim something that wasn’t true, that I couldn’t back up. Councillor Carter has in effect called me a liar. This amounts I think to unprofessional and inappropriate behaviour from my ward councillor as I am now forced to defend my reputation in public.

Councillor Carter also questions my knowledge of ‘the silent majority’ in this town. I have lived and worked in Lewes for all of my 70 years and enjoy a large extended family as well as a wide circle of friends. I am also involved in many Lewes organisations such as my local residents group – meetings of which Councillor Carter has not found necessary to attend.

I think it reasonable to conclude that I have some idea of what the ordinary working people in this town are thinking. Indeed I have been having lots of conversations about the proposed Santon /LDC development and people are positive about it. They use many of the views expressed in the letters supporting my view in this week’s letter page of your newspaper (November 27).

Councillor Carter used the number of people that signed her petition supporting Phoenix Rising as part of her argument in her letter.

She omitted to mention that many of the signatories were residents in places all around the world and also far flung parts of the UK rather than in Lewes District.

Rita Ellis (nee Furnell)

Orchard Road