LETTER: Perhaps he should now do the honourable thing?

I read with interest your piece on page 7 of the Seaford and Lewes edition of 9 October 2015 in which Cllr Blackman ‘clarifies’ his position on what he claims is a leaked email.

Cllr Blackman is an experienced councillor.

Does he really think that what I can only describe as his diatribe is a reasonable and professional way to address his colleagues, particularly given his then position as Leader of Lewes District Council? Equally, he is not naïve.

He sent his reply to his colleagues (including to the Clerk of Seaford Town Council), on their official email addresses, not even bothering to mark his response confidential.

As he well knows, this places it in the public domain and his claim that the email was ‘leaked’ is therefore quite erroneous.

Cllr Blackman did not attend the most recent meeting of Lewes District Council held on 14 October at which a petition was received from Seaford residents protesting against the sale of the Buckle car park. Perhaps he should now do the honourable thing and resign as a councillor, thus allowing residents the opportunity to elect someone who will actually represent them.

Cllr Carolyn Lambert

Chapel Close, Seaford