LETTER: Perturbed by behaviour

Having been taken to Accident & Emergency Dept, Eastbourne DGH on Saturday 7 instant, and receiving treatment from the excellent staff on duty, I was perturbed during the time there of the attitude of some patients who caused more problems by their aggression to the staff with one who removed a cannula and left the area causing blood to be dripped over the floor and on equipment.

The staff requested that the patient return to the cubicle and received treatment but the patient was adamant on leaving but was returned by the security staff, but still left a little later with blood seeping through a dressing.

Another patient was very aggressive using foul language to the staff and left the area and was escorted back by the security staff, and when I was discharged was at the reception desk giving them grief wanting to know why he was there.

It is a wonder that the staff at these departments remain and also it causes recruiting problems.

These staff are dedicated and I consider do marvellous work in keeping most of us as fit as we can be according to our age and medical circumstances.

They deserve better treatment, not only from the government, the management staff concerned, but especially the patients who have aggressive attitudes who need to bite their tongue.

John Berry

Stoney Lane, Hailsham