LETTER: Phrase used by Richard Nixon to justify war

It can be such a pleasure to rediscover a phrase which one thought had gone out of use.

Three of your recent correspondents (Rita Ellis on November 20; Clive Hobden and Paul Terry on November 27) have referred to the ‘silent majority’ in Lewes who support the Santon plan for the North Street area. I haven’t heard that term since Richard Nixon assured us that a silent majority of Americans supported the Vietnam War.

In order to have made this assertion, the three of them will surely have polled a large part of the Lewes population. Did they check with their supporters that they didn’t object to this slur by association?

Although your correspondents invite it, I shrink from comparing Santon to the Vietnam War. The Americans in Vietnam caused untold devastation and the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives. Santon merely intend to demolish a few buildings and a hundred or so livelihoods. And they need planning permission before they can do even that.

Peter Cole

Friars’ Walk