LETTER: Planners should look at the mess

I am a Ringmer resident and welcome the completion of the new nursing home that replaces the small, much-used and much-loved local, council-run respite/nursing home previously on the same site.

This is a testament to the tireless efforts of a small group of local campaigners.

The new two-three storey structure, which will have an almost double capacity, is an imposing building... and were it sited in a few acres of gardens etc, might even be thought attractive.

However, as it is, in a small residential housing area it is a monstrosity, looming over the neighbouring bungalows like a Victorian work house.

The building has been built with the external walls only inches from the boundary fence and road.

Probably a truly economic use of the land but there appears to be no facility for residents to “take the air” or experience any life beyond the internal walls.

Further, their only view from their windows will be into neighbours’ gardens! Not a very nice thought for the neighbours!

With the increase in capacity will come an increase in staff and (hopefully) visitors.

However, whilst the old building only had limited off-road parking facilities, the new building has NONE and so the increased staff and visitors will share a very few on-road parking bays in front of the building.

It isn’t inconceivable that the nearest parking facilities available for visitors will be nearly half a mile away.

Can’t see many older friends visiting.

So no escape from the building and limited visiting, one can only suggest that the logo over the front door should read “Say goodbye to the world all ye who enter here”.

The building is there and will not be removed so I imagine the next “campaign” will be by the local residents seeking compensation for the blight this inappropriate structure has on the value of their properties!

A reduction in their rates banding being a start.

Finally, what is totally inconceivable to me is that before the final work has been completed on the new care home, work has already started on building residential homes on a green field site, on the fringe of the village, with views over open countryside and within 25 metres of a bus stop!

I feel that anybody involved in the local planning/building process should look closely at the mess they have made and then find new jobs or resign their elected positions.

Ken Head

Manor Close, Ringmer