LETTER: Please repaint these lines

In an effort to improve the safety of children at Bonners Primary School in Maresfield during a period of six weeks from July 25 2015, School Hill, Maresfield, was closed in order that speed bumps could be installed.

Unfortunately when this work was carried out the existing white lines marked in the road preventing vehicles from overtaking were not repainted and are at present indistinct, which is thought to be an oversight.

Whilst it is appreciated that money available to East Sussex County Council is limited, it would be appreciated by parents and residents if these white lines on the road could be repainted.

This matter has been brought to the attention of the county council through Maresfield Parish Council by the school governors, but as yet no action has been taken.

If funds are not available for the minor painting job, I feel sure that financial assistance to ESCC could be made available by a collection from village residents.

Graham Allt,

Maresfield Park